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IT and Telecom

Telecoms offers a very special, cloud-based, phone system on very affordable monthly terms.

There are no long-term contracts - so you can add or reduce users according to the requirements of your business.

You just add the phones of your choice - we suggest that you choose Snom if you want, like most, a phone on the desk.

There are cordless options, too.

Mobile apps, both iOS and Android, are free - so you don't have to have a desk phone.

Or, you can use Bria 'soft' phones with headsets for Mac and Microsoft environments.

All Calls Call Plan

There's a great value call plan that includes all your calls to UK Landline and  Mobile Numbers.


Your existing broadband may be perfectly suitable for our Hosted Telecoms service. We will be delighted to advise you.

Our broadband is optimised for voice applications and is very competitively priced.

Support and Installation

After installation, almost all routine moves and changes can be carried out by yourselves.

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tag:telecoms.uk,2013:Post/1430927 2019-07-10T14:17:35Z 2019-07-10T14:46:15Z Congratulations to Pluto Press on your 50th

May you have many more birthdays!


Pluto has been a friend and customer for many years. Thanks Pluto.

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A hosted phone system could well be more expensive than your own, low-cost appliance. 

The reason is you pay per user, forever - and you pay for useful facilities such as Call Recording, Call Queuing and Automated Attendant, too.

These features are included in our UCM appliance. They're free.

For those who prefer the idea of working completely in the cloud, we offer an excellent hosted system.

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Whether you need to add a few IP phones to your existing wiring or want a new fully compliant Data Centre, talk to us, we can provide consultancy, installation and testing of all networks and cabling.

We can also supply all your IP telephony requirements including PoE Switches and VoIP Fibre Routers.

Don't Need cabling? Then let us supply, install and configure state of the art wireless networking.

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We can now offer a truly affordable Wi-Fi desk phone that will work with almost all hosted phone systems and the Grandstream UCM.

Grandstream GXP1760W IPPhone Front

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Very competitively priced, and ideal for Grandstream's UCM phone system, the UCM.

This model, the GXP 2170, is beautiful.

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tag:telecoms.uk,2013:Post/1207266 2017-11-23T15:23:06Z 2018-03-21T15:05:42Z Classy, affordable, cordless phone system from Yealink, the W60P. Installation available now.

There aren't many multi-line cordless phone systems. Certainly, none that we know of that offer the ability to connect up to 8 SIP Trunks and 8 handsets. The system can be deployed standalone or connected to our hosted phone system.

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tag:telecoms.uk,2013:Post/1199163 2017-10-18T13:16:19Z 2018-01-15T18:38:58Z Do we really need to have busy lamp fields on our desk phones?
After all, our brains have been retrained to use mobiles. But desk phones still feature lots of sometimes multi-colour winking lights, winking fast and winking slow.

I've long urged customers to opt for phones with a busy lamp field so that the person fielding a call can see if a person is free or busy before transferring the call.

Perhaps I have been wrong.

That desk phone doesn't tell you if the extension user is on a mobile call, or in a face to face conversation - well not normally.

It might be good to have all calls for Ms X transferred, unscreened and let VoiceMail do the job?

Perhaps it all depends on the culture of the organisation.

In our own office, we've long used messaging to confer with a colleague before transferring a call. There are lots of messaging tools around - and we're all thoroughly familiar with them these days.

Of course, you can combine the flashing lights with messaging and voicemail, too.

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What's Best - Hosted Phone System or On-Premise?

Firstly, let's make this clear, well sort of.

We offer both solutions. They're both really good.

And our phone lines are hosted, whether you have a voice router, or PBX,  on-premise or in the cloud.

Some on-premise phone systems aren't much more than a business-grade phone. It may be less expensive to buy one so you don't have to pay hosted seat charges.

With hosted the clever stuff is in a data centre so the need for a techie to visit is very much reduced. But these days, on-premise PBX are really very reliable so technical visits are rare.

Our advice is to talk to us so we can help you choose. Our Grandstream phones are an ideal choice whichever you opt for.

Call 0208 280 0380.

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tag:telecoms.uk,2013:Post/1188687 2017-09-04T07:32:50Z 2018-01-15T18:30:57Z Great Phone and PBX Deals - with FREE SIP Lines

The GXP2170 is one of our all time favourites. We like to pair it with the UCM Phone System and Cloud SIP Trunk lines.
Outstanding value and packed with time and money-saving features.
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